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Elevator of Hotel Madeira in Benidorm


Main activitythe Company founded in 1970, specialized at the beginning in lift conservation, and maintenance in the Province of Alicante. In 1973, it began to plan and install its own lifts. Currently, its business involves sales, installations and maintenance, lift solution for private homes, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings among others. The main office is located in Alicante, and it also has offices in Benidorm and Elche and a Help-line service center in Denia.

Products: included among its products are: electric and hydraulic elevators, lifts for privately owned properties, panoramic lifts, goods lifts, and emergency escape ladders, as well as lift cabins, control panels.

We work to make life esier for our clients, removing architectural obstacles in their buidings, thereby permitting better access and covering all accessibility requirements.

Values: the company puts maximum effort into providing Quality, Safety and Environmental protection, in addition to our total commitment to customer satisfaction for products and service.

To this end, one of our main objectives is the training of our technical staff, continuous technological evolution and improvements.

Our social aim involves sales, installations, replacement, repair and conservation of lifts, escalators, platforms, and goods lifts. Included in our product range are:


Hydraulic lifts designed for houses where for technical limitations, a lift cannot be installed. This lift comes under the legislation 98/37 (89/392) with 220v supply and minimum consumption.

HYDRAULIC LIFTS:(with or without machine rooms)

Lifts designed for residential buildings, offices, for public use with limited height and medium to low usage and space saving in those without machine rooms by the installation of a cupboard with reduced dimension. These reduced measurements permit installations in old buildings.


Electric lifts with machine rooms with the latest technology in inverters designed for the maximum convenience for the user and maximum levelling precision. The flexibility in our designs permits the adaptability to the existing lift shafts.


Machine roomless electric lifts which permit an easy location in the building as it is only necessary to position the shafts in the projects or in the actual building. With the new gearless technology, provides greater convenient, low energy consumption and optimum noise level.

The latest generation of Gearless elevators with G2 technology with flat belts, regenerative and monophasic.


Hydraulic lifts for the transportation of woods/freight and authorized personal. Specially designed for moving loads in a wide variety of buildings: Warehouses, Hotels, Factories, Airports, Supermarkets, etc.


Both Hydraulic and electric lifts for the vertical transportation of beds and stretchers providing comprehensive solution for all types of centers and health facilities.


Hydraulic lifts for the transportation of vehicles and authorized personal which provide space-saving in the building. Sized to width and depth cater for the wide range of vehicles on the market.


Escalators and moving walkways whose main features are convenience, reliability, as well as versatility of the available options.

phone-receiverAsistencia 24 horas

967 65 60 60

Main office Alicante

Virgen del Socorro, 58-60 Bajo

03002 Alicante

Tfno. 965 16 04 75

Fax. 965 26 60 32

Office in Benidorm

Avda. Comunitat Valenciana

8 – Bajo, Benidorm  03503

Tfno. 965 85 17 52

Fax. 965 85 48 23

Office in Elche

Calle Asilo 33

03204 Elche

Tfno. 965 446 211

Fax. 966 67 46 82

Help-Line service center

Paseo del Saladar 75

03700 Denia

Tfno. 965 85 17 52


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