From the 19th to 21rd of September, MONTES TALLON ELEVATORS together with PLAZATIO takes part in the 19th edition FIRAMACO, Alterations, and Restoration and Energy, at the trade fair center, IFA. PLAZATIO is the socio-professional network of the Alicante Territorial College of Architects.

Basically, this event is essential for professionals in the building sector, a perfect meeting to get to know innovations in different materials, building processes, and energy saving, as well as, the installations of new technologies in the present homes and the reinvention and improvements of buildings.

Above all, the Alicante trade fair institution promotes activities link to alterations, and restorations of dwellings and buildings. It provides an opportunity for the building sector, giving an answer to problems of a social, energy, environmental, industrial and urban nature.

In the first place, directed towards the search for synergies, opportunities in the sector, IFA organizes this event. With this, the intention is to be a meeting point in the sector where companies will be able to show their new products and technological innovations.

Nevertheless, 27.7% of final energy consumption in Spain occurs in home-occupied buildings and services. Faced with this high consumption, a lot of attention has been given to new buildings: buildings in network 0 consumption, energy and environmental certifications, etc. Notwithstanding, owing to the property boom during the first decade of 2000, it should be noted that newly constructed buildings represents ONLY between 4 and 10% of the buildings predicted to exist in 2050. That is why, the immediate solution to restrict energy consumption and the associated emissions is updating energy supply systems in already constructed buildings.

Furthermore, during all the sessions, talks will take place, conferences and demonstrations by different exhibitors and experts in the sector dealing with energy innovation, new materials or home and buildings projects. More information on these activities can be seen in its website.

Timetable of FIRAMACO is from 9.30 h to 19.30 h.

Admission cost is free previously accredited professionals. The price for non-professional general public is 3 Euros.

Location of IFA- Trade center:

IFA is located on the N-340 Alicante-Elche road, Km. 731, between the cities of Elche and Alicante, next to El Altet International Airport


FIRAMACO Reforma y Rehabilitación + ENERGY


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