Today, the set news is published in the newspaper Diario information which refers to the company MONTES TALLON:

The ex-president of COEPA, left the management of the company in 2012, when he sold 52% of the shareholding to the multinational Zardoya Otis.

The business leader, José Luis Montes-Tallón, leaves the last position which remained to him in lift installation and maintenance company which he founded in 1973.

According to what was published yesterday in the Boletin Oficial Del Registro Mercantil, the person who was the highest representative of the Provincial Association, COEPA, has ceased to be president of MONTES TALLON, S.A, a position now occupied by his daughter, Marta Montes-Tallón, who had already taken over the management of the company in 2012 when her father decided to retire from active management and the family sold 52% of the capital to the multinational Zardoya Otis.

As confirmed to this newspaper by the same MONTES TALLON, the change respects exclusively the wish to “complete the generational handover” of the family business- the business man is about to reach 77 years old- but also coincides with changes of the management of the company. So at the same time, that Marta Montes-Tallón, took over the leadership of the company, she left the position of general manager which she had undertaken during the last 5 years in order to become part of the staff of Zardoya Otis, and lead the team which should carry out the IT integration of all the associated companies of the multinational. In her place, the company has appointed one of their respected personal, Emilio López, to take over the –day to –day control of the Alicante Company, as explained by the business.

According to the accounts placed in Registro Mercantil, MONTES TALLON achieved in its last accounting period, which closed in November, a turnover of 5.6 million of Euros, which suffered a slight drop of 1.9 %. On spite of this, it increased its profits from 139.090 euros in year 2015 to 211.883 Euros. Approximately 28% of income of the company proceeded from new installations and elevator replacements, which the rest was attributed to the maintenance services which it provides. The company has a staff of 72 workers.

The MONTES TALLON family retains 48% of the shareholding of the company which keeps its own independent brand name of Zardoya Otis.

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