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Trivium cabin aesthetics solutions for the appearence of your lift

TRVIUM AESTHETICS make use of carefully selected materials, in line with an elegant and simple design. On offer are a wide range of colours, textures and finishes which adapt to and combine perfectly with any decorative style.

That is why they are ideal for both residential and other buildings: public use, hotels, offices…

All our cabin decors include LED lighting as standard, which guarantees minimum energy consumption at the same time ensuring well-lit cabins.

We offer two choices of finish: ESSENCE AND PARADISE with a large number of options and varied combinations, so that it is possible to choose the cabin which best suits your taste and needs.

Trivium – The next generation of elevators

A través del TRIVIUM se han rediseñado completamente los ascensores creando un nuevo concepto y alcanzando cotas de confort, seguridad y protección del medio ambiente. En estos ascensores se han sustituido los cables de tracción por unas cintas planas. Este simple hecho permite una flexibilidad mucho mayor y la utilización de una polea de reducido tamaño lo que ha posibilitado el diseño de una nueva máquina sin engranajes, un 70% más pequeña que una convencional.

De este modo se elimina la necesidad de un cuarto de máquinas y se reduce al mínimo el espacio necesario para el hueco del ascensor y lo que se traduce en reducción de costes constructivos, una mayor libertad de diseño para los arquitectos y más espacio útil disponible para los promotores y usuarios del edificio.

Trivium Mod – A new elevator without construction work

It provides modernization solutions for all types of elevator, hydraulics, electronics, and in almost any building. Furthermore, you do not have to worry if your elevator makes a noise, vibrates, starts up and breaks suddenly, you stumble on leaving, if the design is old, the doors slam on entering or leaving.

We can keep some of the parts of the older elevator that are in perfect condition: landing doors, car doors, the car frame, the car rails, the counterweighs. In this way, the owner’s association saves money and we avoid unnecessary building work.

The Trivium Mod solution for existing elevators guarantees quiet operations. We change the old gear machine for a gearless machine with permanent magnets. In this way, we eliminate the noise metal on metal. In addition, these machines do not use steel ropes but rather polyurethane-coated steel belts.

That is why it is very reliable and very safe because the flat belts are monitoring 24 hours a day thanks to the PULSE System.

Adapta – Six passenger cars in the same space as four

Allows the passenger capacity of the car to be increased from 4 to 6 in the same space without requiring construction work.  A revolutionary elevator which offers the possibilities of installing an elevator where previously it was almost impossible, or changing the existing car for another of greater capacity, since it maximizes the space available and can be adapted to practically any type of hoistway. Thanks to its special configuration Adapta allows for two entrances at 90º and makes it possible to install a scenic elevator.

The technological improvement replacing traditional steel wires by flat polyurethane- coated belts are more reliable because the flat belts are monitoring 24 hours a day thanks to the PULSE System

Evolux – it provides enourmous energy savings and helps with environmental protection

Evolux is a highly efficient, functional elevator, ideally suited for residential buildings, especially those that were built without an elevator. It is an elevator that can operate with 100% clean, renewable energy. In addition to generating its own energy, if it is connected to solar PV (photovoltaic) panels capable of producing the necessary power, they will provide all the energy the elevator needs for operation, thus completely eliminating CO2 emissions. And you can even forget about the electricity bill.

This monophasic EVOLUX elevator consumes 500 kW and in the event of a power cut, it continues to function and it can be used independently more than 100 times. It can be directly plugged into a monophasic connection of 220 kW as if it were an electrical appliance.

The EVOLUX also saves up to 70% of energy and 80% from the electricity bill. In summary, it provides enormous energy savings and helps with environmental protection.

phone-receiver24 hour service

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